Highest quality down to the pushbutton

Siegfried Riebsamen is specialised in tricky situations. The owner of the company Maschinenbau Riebsamen from Allmannsweiler and his machines are required when special hurldes need to be crossed. With his special dredgers, cranes and transport devices he can use the narrowest of ways. His modified cantilevers can carry loads for several meters or also place in glass panes safely into angled systems. The manufacturer and renter of these special machines counts on quality and good service. This is something he has in common with GEORG SCHLEGEL in Duermentingen. That is why he uses pushbuttons, switches and emergency-stops made by SCHLEGEL for his machines. "Quality is important to us", SIegfried Riebsamen emphasises.

Siegfried Riebsamen founded his company in the year 1990 in Wolfartsweiler, a small village near Bad Saulgau, Sigmaringen. The trained master of metal construction has found a niche with his special machines which he successfully serves since then. In 1994, he moved to Allmannsweiler where he expanded his company. Maschinenbau Riebsamen has focused itself on the modification of dredgers and cranes for special tasks. The cranes are being modified with great technical know-how and innovative solutions and made ready for these special tasks. The resulting cranes are perfectly suitable for gardening or stonemason companies and dredgers that can also be used on narrow cemetery pathways as well as the "Glasboy" – a universal machine that is mainly perfected to lift and place glass plates. It´s the ingenious details that make the products so special: flexible cantilevers which can be moved freely and thus also allow to place in the glass plates vertically into contorted buildings perfectly. The machines´ track width can be serially varied stepless between 90 and 60 centimeters. This allows the machines to be even driven on the smallest paths or will fit through regular room doors.

Used worldwide

Thanks to their flexibility the machines are not only used in Europe, but worldwide. Riebsamen´s special machines are used all over the world from Australia to Amercia by horticulturists, stonemasons, undertakers and window manufacturers. Thanks to the machines´ special properties the company is also demanded as service provider in special cases. For example, his team had been called to a villa in Mallorca where an eleven meter tall glass plate needed to be placed in under difficult circumstances. With the help of his highly flexible machines that possess a 3D head and a 2 circuit vaccum system they have managed to complete this complex action successfully.

Precision, quality, suitable for all practical scenarios – these are characteristics that Riebsamen guarantees in its machines and which he also expects from his suppliers. Because his machines also need to work precisely and reliable in extreme situations. These are requirements Schlegel´s products, too, have to meet. This is why the company decided to use pushbuttons & switches made by Georg Schlegel when modifying the machines for the special use. The label "made in Germany" also stands for highest quality at Schlegel thanks to our in-house production depth: "The products are high-quality and Schlegel offers a quick and reliable service", emphasises Siegfried Riebsamen.

Exposed to elements

Riebsamen mainly uses our Quartron series. This series also has a broad variety of pushbuttons & switches as usual for Schlegel´s products and includes pushbuttons, rotary switches, selector switches, key switches as well as emergency-stops. The parts can be combined perfectly with each other thanks to the modular system.

This series fulfils the machine buliding´s specific requirements. The structured design with a front bezel height of 12 mm enables an activation without looking. The pushbuttons & switches have the required durability for the special machines as they are mainly used outdoors and thus are exposed to the elements. "What is important is that the used products are water-proof and also work flawless in hot or cold weather", says Mr. Riebsamen.

Extreme temperature

All variants of the series have a degree of protection of IP65 and therefore have a protection against dust and intruding water from all sides. The buttons that are used in Riebsamen´s machines are suitable for customers in hot Australia or cold Siberia because the buttons´ function is guaranteed in extreme heat as well as 2-digit freezing temperatures.

The robustness is also shown during laboratory tests where – depending of variant – several thousand actuations can be confirmed without loss of quality. But more important than these tests is the field test, thinks Siegfried Riebsamen. And this field test for Schlegel products is going on for years now at Riebsamen.

For Siegfried Riebsamen, a supplier´s quality furthermore shows itself through their service and that replacement parts are available over a long period of time. Here, too, Schlegel hits the nail on the head: „I can always rely on Schlegel products – and our customers can, too."

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