Pilot light with 7 colours

It is made in the RONTRON-R-JUWEL design and includes a RGB-SMD LED. Besides the option to choose between 7 colours, the illumination uniformity and the depth of colour have become even more homogeneous and intense.

The standard colours are white, red, green, blue, yellow, magenta and cyan, but it is possible to access the whole RGB colour range, using a PWM signal (pulse width modulation).

The pilot light is easily connected via the SMD flat clamp, just inserting the cable. The clamp ensures the connection and keeps the cable in place. A safety diode protects the LED against damage in case of improper connection of the cable.

The new RGB pilot light is made for 22.3 mm mounting holes and fulfils IP65, being dust and waterproof. It is designed for an operating voltage of 24V and a max. amperage of 50mA, having an operating temperature range of -30°C to 70°C.